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Author: AlphanMaina

Monero Starts a Project to Combat Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Cryptocurrency mining is a big business that investors are willing to spend thousands of dollars purchasing and setting up the equipment. Apart from high energy costs and maintenance requirement, crypto-jacking malware as well as ransomware are a serious threat to the industry. Monero Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Program Luckily, Monero has announced that it will launch […]

Upcoming Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland is meant to bring together experts and industry leaders to discuss the various issues that affect the industry. The event will be held on October 9th, 2018 at the famous Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva, Quai du Mont-Blanc 192. Main Agenda of the Event Blockchain & Bitcoin Switzerland will be attended […]

North Korea Using Cryptocurrency to Evade US Sanctions

Two prominent financial experts based in Washington have stated that North Korea using cryptocurrency assets such as bitcoin to deal with the current US sanctions. Because cryptocurrency based transactions are decentralized and done through a blockchain network that is not regulated, the country is still able do business with US discreetly. In a recent interview […]

West Virginians Using a Blockchain Voting Mobile Application

  • By AlphanMaina
  • September 27, 2018
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West Virginians are using a blockchain voting mobile application for casting absentee ballots in the upcoming midterm elections as reported by Coin Telegraph. Registered voters from West Virginian who currently reside overseas have been reported to be using the blockchain-powered app for voting on Friday last week. Voatz Blockchain Mobile Application App for Voting The […]

Bitcoin Gets Closer to Becoming a Multi Network Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced into the digital sphere and since then it has grown and changed the lives of millions of people as well as businesses. New crypto companies still rely on the technology used to create Bitcoin to come up with their own digital assets. Therefore, we cannot afford to […]

ConsenSys Starts to Supply Electricity in Texas Using Ethereum Mainnet

 A blockchain startup that is run by ConsenSys called Grid+ has finally managed to set up systems that allow it to supply electricity to four of its clients in Texas. As noted by CCN, ConsenSys is currently the largest blockchain software development company in the world as evident from its estimated value.  The company has […]

Singapore: First Country to Fully Support Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Singapore is almost fully adopting cryptocurrency as evident from the statements made by the government recently. If all goes well, the country will become first country in the world to fully support this technology and allow its citizens to purchase and trade using digital assets. During Singapore Consensus, the national regulators discussed the potential of […]

eCash Developer is Back with New Technology That Will Revamp Cryptocurrency Industry

David Chaum, one of the cypherpunk movement founders is back with new technology that he believes will revamp the cryptocurrency industry. The grey –haired digital money pioneer is very passionate about the industry and hopes that his new technology will make it more profitable and ideal for millions of people from all across the globe. […]

How HTC Exodus Phone Plans to Secure your Cryptocurrency

Blockchain phones are being developed and will soon be launched into the market to replace the conventional smartphones that offer little or no private data protection. HTC Exodus and Sirin Labs Finney will be the first models in the market and as reported by Wired, they are expected to be available across the globe by […]

New Finance Minister in Zimbabwe Encourages Citizens to Invest More in Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum World News, takes note of the fact that Zimbabwe has a new finance minister and looking at his background and experience, he is committed and determined to change the tide and ensure that the country’s economy becomes stable again. During a recent interview, the minister categorically stated that he believes that cryptocurrency will help […]
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