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Category: Bitcoin News

Facebook Instates New Cryptocurrency Policy

Facebook is one of the leading social media networks in the world—so their ability to influence when it comes to cryptocurrency policy makes them a high target of interest. At one point, the Facebook policy disallowed advertisement for any time of cryptocurrencies on their site. This was done to prevent people from investing into possibly […]

Man Who Made Billions in Bitcoin, Anthony Di Iorio, Pinpoints China as the Next Country to Produce a Leader in the Crypto Industry

Anthony Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum and one of the earliest people to make big earnings in bitcoin (his portfolio is worth over $1 billion) estimates that China will be responsible for the next big company in cryptocurrency. This statement was given during an office interview in his home office, based in Toronto, Canada: […]

Cryptocurrency Shill and Cybersecurity Pioneer John McAfee Warns Against ICOs After Receiving Warning from SEC

Cryptocurrency Shill and Cybersecurity Pioneer John McAfee Warns Against ICOs After Receiving Warning from SEC

The ‘Crypto-Boom’ is Just Like the Internet Bubble a Few Years Ago- But That May Not Be a Bad Thing

In the last 18 months, software companies in the form of cryptocurrency startups have raked in billions of dollars. These startups all have one thing in common—their use of cryptocurrency as a money exchange. What these startups do varies—there are companies for stock trading, lotteries, voting, and everything in between. Cryptocurrency Startup Trends Unfortuantely, even […]

Bitcoin is not a store of value

There are many definitions of what a store of value is but let’s keep things simple here and let us proceed from this common definition of the term store of value: “A store of value is the function of an asset that can be saved, retrieved and exchanged at a later time, and be predictably […]

What Satoshi’s first message on the blockchain tells us about money

In times when cryptocurrencies seem to be in a never-ending bear market and when more and more people start to doubt whether cryptocurrencies will ever find mass adoption, it might be a good idea to remind ourselves why we are convinced of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in the first place. A good way to do […]

Top 5 Countries interested in Bitcoin according to Google

  • By Micha Sprick
  • June 2, 2018
  • 1 Comment
Google Trends is a tool with which we can look up not only when searches for certain keywords surge and plunge but also in which countries these keywords were googled the most. This way we have a reliable way of telling in which countries interest in Bitcoin is the highest. We put a together a […]

Bitcoin Critics Continue To Disapprove The Currency

Mark Mobius and clique are the latest to join the group of critics actively disapproving it. The latest news has him pouring scorn on the dramatic rise of the currency. According to them, Cryptocurrency is the greatest fraud in financial history. Mark Mobius is an emerging markets funds manager. Mark, together with David Serra, founder […]

Bitcoin To Be Used For Political Campaigns

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • April 26, 2018
  • 1 Comment
The invention of virtual currencies has brought in so many things, and much of that has helped in improving the whole industry. But in the state of Wisconsin, U.S, the senior Ethics officials are weighing some of the most important things to do with the virtual currencies. They are not sure whether it would be […]

17 Millionth Bitcoin Soon Coming

For the past few days, investors have been complaining of the limited supply of the world’s largest virtual currency; but it appears things might just get worse. Another Milestone in the Crypto Market There are possibilities that the 17 millionth Bitcoin might be mined anytime from now. This is set to become one of the […]
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