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Category: Cryptocurrency Wallets 101

An Easy Way for A Bitcoin Beginner to Get Started Investing

  • By Daniel Shaw
  • April 9, 2020
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When it comes to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin beginner communities can help immensely for those new to the financial market. When talking with other investors or crypto enthusiasts, you may find they are happy to share market tips with you. The Bitcoin Breakdown for Beginners Researching the platform of Bitcoin will help potential investors understand exactly what […]

The Best Crypto Wallets for Business in 2020

  • By Daniel Shaw
  • December 23, 2019
This best 2020 cryptocurrency wallet review leads you to the best places to store your Bitcoin and altcoins. The value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed over the last ten years. The world was taken by surprise by cryptocurrencies. This means that our digital assets require more and more secure places. This post is for you when […]

Things To Know Before Investing In Crypto 2019

It’s incredible what big cryptocurrencies have grown to be. It’s been 10 years since the flagship cryptocurrency rocked the scene. The industry is growing stronger. And critics are eating a humble pie on this one. Cryptocurrencies have really surprised many. No virtual currency can be compared to crypto. The industry has grown strong. A few […]

Lumi Wallet

Lumi Wallet is a crypto wallet that has been designed with an in-built exchange offering support to some of the leading crypto tokens and coins. Lumi Wallet has a nice design as well as a simple interface that can be used by all. It also incorporates a high level of anonymity and security. It is […]

Top 5 Paper Wallets

More and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies by the day. While most people might have a general understanding of the various cryptos available, the whole storage concept can be a little difficult. As you might be aware, cryptocurrencies are stored in wallets, and there are multiple types of these wallets. Some well-known wallets for […]

What Is A Paper Wallet?

Even among the people with a good understanding of Cryptocurrencies, coin storage is always a complicated concept. This is because, virtual currencies, unlike fiat currencies are not tangible. Consequently, they are not stored physically making their storage quite different and confusing to some people. Digital assets can be stored in paper wallets, software wallets, or […]

Top 5 Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are real and tangible Cryptocurrency wallets that mainly come as USB flash drives. Apart from storing your funds, these wallets will also enable you to send and receive additional Cryptos. Although users have to buy these wallets, they have become popular because of their high level of security and convenience. If you’re looking […]

What’s A Hardware Wallet?

One of the greatest challenges that Cryptocurrency holders face is security. Although exchanges are popular Crypto trading places, and provide storage services, there is always a risk of losing funds whenever such sites are hacked. Furthermore, authorities can also take them down, making it almost impossible to recover such funds. A hardware wallet is one […]

Complete Guide To Cryptocurrency Wallets

Virtual currencies have given rise to various products among them the Cryptocurrency wallets. Selecting the right wallet is one of the greatest challenges that many Crypto traders face. This guide will allow you to learn everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency wallets. What’s Crypto Wallet? A Cryptocurrency wallet is software designed to store your […]

Top 5 Mobile Wallets For 2018, 2019 And Beyond

Which are the top 5 mobile wallets in the market today? Finding the most suitable mobile wallet for your cryptocurrency can be confusing. You need a mobile wallet that is not only easy to use but is also credible. Top 5 Mobile Wallets For 2019 1. Coinomi Mobile Wallet This multi-currency wallet is compatible with […]
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