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Category: Cryptocurrency Wallets 101

What Is An Online Wallet?

Looking for accurate answers to what is an online wallet? Online crypto wallets are designed to help you store and transact cryptocurrencies online. These wallets are run on the cloud, and therefore, you can access them from any computer and also from any location. This offers you great convenience and convenient access. Even though only […]

What Is A Mobile Wallet?

What is a mobile wallet? More people are investing in the cryptocurrency market. Having a storage and transaction facility in your hands makes it easy and convenient to manage your funds. Mobile wallets can help you reap the full benefits of cryptocurrencies. Just like their name suggests, mobile wallets are crypto cash storage and user […]

What Is A Desktop Wallet?

Looking for reliable answers on what is a desktop wallet? Cryptocurrencies need a place to be stored, just like it is the case with typical currencies. Desktop wallets serve this purpose by not only helping you store your coins safely but also send and receive additional coins. Each cryptocurrency has its desktop wallet, which runs […]

Top 5 Online Wallets for 2019 and Beyond

  Looking for the top 5 online wallets for 2018, 2019 and beyond? Before you even think about buying any cryptocurrency, it is good practice to choose wallets that will protect your cash. A good wallet is one that allows you to store and transact your funds with confidence knowing too well that no one […]

Top 5 Desktop Wallets for 2019 And Beyond

The desktop wallet that you choose goes a long way in determining the safety of your crypto cash. Desktop wallets have enhanced functionalities, which enable you to undertake transactions by creating addresses for sending and receiving cryptocurrency. If you make frequent trades, you will need a desktop wallet that guarantees anonymity and the safety of […]

How To Store Ethereum: A Guide To Ethereum Wallets

How To Store Ethereum: A Guide To Ethereum Wallets You will need a cryptocurrency wallet to hold your Ether tokens. The concept is no different from how you store Bitcoins (Read: “How To Store Bitcoin”). There are some different wallets you can store your Ether tokens in. These include: Online wallet Mobile wallets Desktop wallets […]

eToro Cryptocurrency Wallet for Android and IOS Users Launched

eToro, a renowned social trading platform, has launched a cryptocurrency wallet for both android and IOS users. The roll out began yesterday, 8th November 2018 and already thousands of users have started using the wallet. eToro cryptocurrency wallet stands out from the rest by providing advanced security features and user-friendly interface. The wallet is available […]

Bitcoin Wallets: A Beginner’s Guide

Bitcoin Wallets: A Beginner’s Guide Bitcoin wallets – what are they? You need a place to store Bitcoin before you can own it. Unlike a real coin, you can’t just hold a Bitcoin in your hand. Those cool 3D printed Bitcoins you’ve seen aren’t the Bitcoins themselves. They’re Bitcoin wallets. You need a wallet too, […]
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