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CCN Shuts Down After The June 2019 Google Core Update

CCN, a Norway-based cryptocurrency news platform shuts down after experiencing a fall in mobile traffic by 71% due to a recent update on search rankings by Google on the 3rd of June. This was confirmed by Jonas Borchgrevink, director and founder of the platform, in an official letter addressed to the media community on the site on the 10th of June 2019.

About CCN

The site began its operations back in June 2013 as, a crypto-focused news source. Jonas Borchgrevink, a Norwegian entrepreneur, was the founder. By the end of 2018, CCN became part of Hawkfish AS, a Norwegian media company. However, according to CCN reports most of their contractors and employees are based in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Since its inception, the site enjoyed high traffic as well as a solid organic search activity as shown in the internal charts posted by Borchgrevink. However, all this came down crashing after the update from Google that the company called its “June 2019 Core Update”.

In the extensive post, the CCN founder declared that the site took a massive blow from the Google’s core update that saw the mobile traffic from Google searches drop by 71% overnight.

Impact Of The Google June 2019 Core Update On CCN

Borchgrevink, in his message, revealed the data from the SEO analyzer Systrix and stated that their news portal visibility had dropped from 1.2 to less than 0.6.

Google June 2019 Core Update

The CCN founder emphasized that after its core update, Google stopped showing articles by CCN in its search results. Due to this, he went on to say that the news portal lost over 90% of their revenue because of lost traffic.

“General Crypto Crackdown By Google”

According to Google, these updates are “designed to improve our results.” Back in October 11, 2018, Google SearchLiason wrote that most of these updates rarely have noticeable changes but they help Google to continue to incrementally improve search.

However, the June 2019 Google’s search rankings update did have some tremendous effects. Reportedly, CCN was not the only news platform affected on what Borchgrevink termed a “general crypto crackdown by Google”. The Norwegian cited other substantial losses on the same metric supposedly sustained by some of the site’s competitors CoinDesk and Cointelegraph.

Borchgrevink also quoted’s admin who stated that the site’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) was on the “zero level” and that the search queries are now being filled by outdated top stories from CoinDesk, Bloomberg and FXstreet. is another news publication.

Crypto crackdown

Not All Sites Lost

Jonas Borchgervink, however, cited Barry Schwarts from Search Engine Land who had stated that some UK news platforms such as Metro, the Sun and Mirror had gained Google Search Engine traffic.

The CEO of CCN also expressed his concerns that Google might be controlling the search engine industry by playing the monopoly game. He added that Google is against free speech and journalism ethics. He called for anyone who cares to wake up and rally against the “Googlemocracy” and he also provided along a list of demands for Google.

Borchgrevink concluded his letter by saying that CCN’s entire team, after the shut down, will be moved to another news platform-

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