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Is It Only A Matter Of Time Before Ripple (XRP) Price Hits $20?

Many Crypto enthusiasts and investors are confident that Ripple (XRP) will trade at $20 in the near future. The most common timeline for the surge is predicted to be in 2020.

Despite the difficulty in predicting future prices in the Digital markets, it is important to consider that Cryptos such as XRP are long term investments that bear positive returns in months or years. Therefore, the XRP prospect of hitting $20 at one point in the future is a sufficient incentive to allure investors to buy and hold XRP.

Meanwhile, as investors bet on XRP to grow in leaps and bounds, it is critical to explore the factors that form the basis of the prediction to leverage market dynamics to optimize gains.

Tools that can enable investors to look into the future of XRP include charts and analysis of events and developments that Brad Garlinghouse is initiating. These scenarios give a perspective of where XRP is likely to be in 2020 or beyond.

Blockchain And Crypto Adoption Is Growth Is Only Gathering Steam

Blockchain technology and Crypto adoption is due for tremendous growth as the number of possible use cases continue to rise by the days. This means that the Crypto market is about to see a surge in trading volumes and XRP will be among the top beneficiaries.

On the other hand, RippleNet and XRP adoption by mainstream platforms in industries such as finance is set to lead to a surge in XRP prices. This factor will lead to an overbought condition on the XRP RSI scale leading to further gains towards $20.

A Bullish Bitcoin Boosts All Altcoins

In the last 24 hours, BTC has surged by about 4% while about half of the Altcoins are in greens of an average of 2% and the rest are in reds. This is a rare market phenomenon as a bullish BTC has been historically known to lead to even more bullish conditions for other Cryptos. In fact, BTC’s market dominance is up by about 2points to hit a high of 59.1% according to Coinmarketcap data as of May 12, 2019.

Nonetheless, when Bitcoin goes up, other Cryptos follow suit. In this case, XRP is set to appreciate in the near future in the bullish conditions that BTC/USD pair has created.


XRP Chart Perspective Forecasts XRP At $20

Charts are relatively accurate tools for predicting future prices in the Crypto market.

The chart for Ripple’s XRP shows that there is a long base that has created a big space for XRP to move upward. However, the peaks that are shown in the charts are likely to be corrected soon after price gains in most of the times. However, a breakout occurring leads to a super-fast XRP bull run that can take the Token to $20.

The chart for May 2019 can be likened to the chart for 2015 when XRP was trading at $0.004 as BTC was bullish. In May 2019, Bitcoin has just crossed the $6,100 mark and is headed for $7,200 in the 100-day MA charts as XRP appears to be stable at $0.3. Nevertheless, the most important fact is that XRP will breakout in 6 months or even 18 months and when this happens, XRP will hit $20. The time may be 2020 or beyond.

In the meantime, it is time to invest.

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