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Bitcoin Pushing Towards $12,000 & More

Bitcoin Pushing Towards $12,000 Bitcoin price is hitting back even harder after the dip experienced in the last few weeks. Its price had plummeted to below $10,000 and raised fears of a bear run. However, the leading digital coin has managed to recover back to over $11,000. It is now pushing its way towards the […]

Why Bitcoin Prices May Go Up This Week

Bitcoin’s price continued to rise at the beginning of the week. A number of factors can be accredited to the uptrend. The same reasons are leading top analysts and crypto experts to believe that bitcoin could reach new highs this month. Bitcoin’s price has been rising since the beginning of the week. The drive to […]

Bitcoin Pushing Towards $12,000

Bitcoin’s dominance is phenomenal. It shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. It’s all about resilience and hitting back harder especially after a dip. Its journey is nothing short of amazing. Starting the year trading at $3,717, a complete shadow of the price it had registered exactly a year ago. Bitcoin has been breaking boundaries […]

Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 By 2021 – Wall Street Vets & More

Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 By 2021 – Wall Street Vets Since February 2019, Bitcoin’s first positive month in a long time, Bitcoin has gained more than twice of its last quarter of 2018 value. However, the last several days has seen Bitcoin price experiencing a few corrections here and there. But this hasn’t broken investor’s […]

Bitcoin Bulls Edge Out Bears, Breakout In The Offing

It now appears that the previous talks of a possibly bear market could have just been nothing but illusions. On the morning of 2nd August 2019, the price of Bitcoin climbed back to over $10,000 to a price that is close to $10,500. This has happened at a time when the market has shown an […]

Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 By 2021-Wall Street Vets

It feels good to see bitcoin’s price rise, especially after a disappoint 2018. This year alone has seen bitcoin gain more than twice the value it had during the last quarter of 2018. It all began in February, the first positive month in a very long time. The prices gained momentum in the following weeks, […]

Analysts Optimistic Of A Bitcoin Bullish Trend Despite Price Corrections

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • July 30, 2019
  • 1 Comment
Bitcoin’s price has been all over the place for the past one week. We expected the prices to soar further to $15,000 but bitcoin did the contrary. Prices fell below $10,000, and they are falling again. A major dip was witnessed on Tuesday and Wednesday to the $9,400 zone after registering $10,600 earlier. Many analysts […]

Bitcoin Network Now More Powerful Than Ever Before & More

Bitcoin Network Now More Powerful Than Ever Before The leading digital currency by market cap now enjoys more computing power behind its main security after it surpassed another milestone when the hash rate hit an all-time high. This new record was achieved despite a pause in the profits of the Bitcoin price experienced about two […]

Bitcoin Scams In Africa And How To Avoid Them

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • July 21, 2019
  • 1 Comment
The recent crypto boom has presented scammers with yet another opportunity to reap where they didn’t sow. 2018 bear market wasn’t a good year, even for the scammers themselves. But with the recent rise in price and an imminent bull run, they are coming out of their hiding holes. Africa has been a target for […]

Ripple Price Could Surge, As BTC Breaks The $10,500 Resistance & more

Ripple Price Could Surge, As BTC Breaks The $10,500 Resistance Ripple could rise above its usual resistance level of $0.3200 because it was able to break this resistance a few days ago. It had traded below its support level of $0.2900 for some time and had dropped to $0.2850. Its recent surge to over $0.3200 […]
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