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Blockchain Is Settling Into E-Sports

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • September 7, 2019
  • 1 Comment
Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the most exciting technological developments of all times if not the most exciting. Its power continues to revolutionize industries as they apply it. Some of the industries that blockchain has found use cases include retail, real estate, insurance, retail, travel, manufacturing and not forgetting, financial services. Yet it’s still hard […]

Crypto Market Analysis & More

  • By Daniel Shaw
  • September 5, 2019
  • 1 Comment
The crypto market is undergoing the corrective phase. Since Libra’s launch, various issues have emerged concerning the crypto space such as government regulation stand and instant value transfers. The issue of scalability has also emerged following Libra’s launch. The price of bitcoin might keep plummeting and it may touch the support before it starts going […]

Blockchain Market To Grow By 60.4% In 5 Years

Blockchain technology is now a decade old having been unveiled as Bitcoin in the 2008/09 financial crisis. In the current decade, adoption has been on a consistent upward trend. Meanwhile, some Blockchain marketers and ICO promoters have been creating a hype around Blockchain often overstating the rate of adoption. In this perspective, Research and, […]

Blockchain Hype Is Over, Time To Build Long-Term DLT Systems & More

Blockchain Hype Is Over, Time To Build Long-Term DLT Systems Market researchers have found out that Blockchain technology is hyped, hence, most industry players consider it overrated. Hence, Nitin Seth, Forbes Contributor, and CEO of California based a consulting, analytics and technology solutions firm, Incedo, is calling for a change of strategy. He is urging […]

Blockchain Technology Developers Should Be Long Term Oriented After The Hype

The Blockchain Hype is waning. In recent years social media has been awash with news, discussions, and projections of how Blockchain adoption could disrupt the world. The discussions further project that the most affected areas would be digital payments and government operating systems. These two industries have been operating on conventional platforms that are expensive, […]

Refining The Travel Industry Through Blockchain

If you have travelled before, then you are aware of the myriads of companies that would be involved in a single travel setting. This is one of the many reasons you should be excited to the news of blockchain in the travel industry. The original, true intention of bitcoin was bypassing the financial intermediaries by […]

MouseBelt‘s Blockchain Accelerator Rolls Out Initiatives In UC’s Campus

Blockchain courses are inadequate in institutions of higher learning despite the vast career opportunities in Blockchain and Crypto spaces. In this perspective, MouseBelt‘s Blockchain Accelerator has launched Distributed Ledger Technology initiatives at the University of California’s Davis, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara campuses. The mission of the Value Capital-backed Blockchain firm is to fill the […]

UW Research: Blockchain Could Make Powered Electric Car Charging Systems Adaptable

The future of the auto industry is in electric cars. One of the most important areas that need an overhaul or a remake to support the technology includes energy systems. To achieve this end, researchers at the Ontario-based University of Waterloo have developed a hybrid energy system that is powered by Blockchain technology. The project, […]

The CRS Is Looking At The Opportunities Of Blockchain In The Energy Sector

A report that was released at the end of last week shows that the Congressional Research Service (CRS) is investigating models of how Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) can revolutionize the energy sector. The focus on the energy sector is taking center-stage in the CRS circles as the sector is increasingly becoming dynamic as more energy […]

Bitcoin Pushing Towards $12,000 & More

Bitcoin Pushing Towards $12,000 Bitcoin price is hitting back even harder after the dip experienced in the last few weeks. Its price had plummeted to below $10,000 and raised fears of a bear run. However, the leading digital coin has managed to recover back to over $11,000. It is now pushing its way towards the […]
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