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Expanding UK Shipping In Post Brexit & More

Expanding UK Shipping In Post Brexit Established firms in the maritime industries are being urged to adapt blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to solve inefficiencies. This comes in the wake of a political standoff in the UK at the peak of Brexit. A no deal Brexit looms and investors are looking to calm down fears in […]

Economy After Brexit: UK Shipping Market Could Still Expand With Blockchain Implementation

A new report is advising startups and established firms in the local maritime industry to adopt revolutionary technologies. Some of the key suggestions include Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence that are known to offer perfect solutions for inefficiencies. This recommendation is coming in the wake of a provocative political standoff between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and […]

Blockchain Technology Adoption To Reach $57 Billion In 5 Years And More

Blockchain Technology Adoption To Reach $57 Billion In 5 Years It is no brainer that the adoption of Blockchain technology is an upward swing. However, due to the scarcity of data on the matter, there has been rampant hyping of the growth by marketers and bloggers, which is misrepresenting facts. For this regard, Research and […]

UK Google Trends: Bitcoin Is More Popular Than Boris

Thousands of UK protestors have taken to the streets of major cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Belfast. The citizens are expressing their dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision on requesting the Queen of England to prorogue parliament. Some people are arguing that this move is meant to deny parliament ample time to deliberate […]

Roundup – 04/10/2018 – Uganda Crypto Project wants to provide 10mn people with solar energy

Ugandan start-up aims to provide Uganda with solar energy based on crypto blockchain The cryptocurrency Dala is a joint project by Wala and the Dala foundation. Both have set the goal to facilitate transactions in emerging markets. Together they have processed transactions worth millions of USD mainly in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda. Now both […]

UK Finance Minister Says Solution To Hard Border Is Blockchain Technology

With the Irish border being the most divisive when it comes to the discussions on Brexit between the UK (United Kingdom) and the EU (European Union), the UK finance minister has opined that the solution could well lie in Blockchain technology. The Brexit Hard Border A member of Prime Minister Theresa May’s government, Phillip Hammond […]