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XRP Bulls Need To Overcome $0.2550

Last week, ripple made 10% gains in value. This was among the latest efforts by the third-largest cryptocurrency to advance against its nearest rival, Ethereum and Bitcoin. According to recent Ripple analysis if bulls manage to overcome $0.2550 this week, it is quite possible that we will be seeing the XRP/BTC test the psychological $0.3000 resistance […]

Bears, Bulls And Bitcoin

  • By Daniel Shaw
  • September 1, 2019
  • 1 Comment
Bitcoin has managed to rally over 300% since mid-December 2018 when it was at its bottom most. Other altcoins on the other hand, have continued to wither in valuation throughout the year with the exception of only a few. Very few. So would we say that cryptocurrencies are in the bull market? Well, it wouldn’t […]

Bitcoin Bulls Edge Out Bears, Breakout In The Offing

It now appears that the previous talks of a possibly bear market could have just been nothing but illusions. On the morning of 2nd August 2019, the price of Bitcoin climbed back to over $10,000 to a price that is close to $10,500. This has happened at a time when the market has shown an […]

Ethereum: Two New Features Approved For Istanbul Hard Fork & more

Ethereum: Two New Features Approved For Istanbul Hard Fork Ethereum’s protocol stands before a large update. On the road to Ethereum 2.0 the Istanbul hard fork is the next step. Now, two new features have been approved to find implementation in the hard fork: EIP 2024 & EIP 1702. EIP 2024 is an update to […]

Bitcoin Bulls Head Upwards As Price Exceeds $8,000

Bitcoin (BTC) price has more than doubled in the course of the first half of 2019 after crossing the $8,000 level on Tuesday (May 14). Analysts agree that the cause of the bullish trend is a new wave of new buyers who are flocking the market. Bitcoin Touches A High Of $8,265 On Tuesday (May […]

Roundup – 02/04/2019 – Report: Terrorists Do Not Rely On Cryptocurrencies (Yet) & more

Report: Terrorists Do Not Rely On Cryptocurrencies (Yet) A report by the Rand Corporation on the “Terrorist Use of Cryptocurrencies” suggests that crypto does not play a major role in terrorism yet. The Rand Corporation is a think tank that counsels the military. The report shows that cryptocurrencies”are not well matched with the totality of […]

Technical Analysis: Outbreak in BCH – Will BTC Follow? #CW 45

  The chart of Bitcoin Cash has recently broken out of the downtrend line that formed since the beginning of last September. The daily chart (fig. 1) shows us three green candles that drove the price from around $430 USD to $570 USD. Before that Bitcoin Cash came very close to the $420 USD level […]

Is The Worst Over For Bitcoin?

September the 4th is arguably the worst day for Bitcoin investors. After reports that Goldman Sachs was suspending its Crypto trading desk made rounds, the world’s biggest Digital Currency lost $400 in a matter of hours. It consequently fell below the $7,000 mark and has never recovered fully in the short term. However, over a […]

Technical Analysis – break out or break down? CW #41

Bitcoin has once again broken out of the downtrend channel that started in February earlier this year. It is the seventh time now that Bitcoin is making such a move. So while many traders are bullish already, a look at this chart should discourage any premature optimism about a rally. In any case, the downtrend channel […]

Bitcoin moves up – Crypto Markets again Tethered?

Tether just brought $250MM USD worth of Tether into circulation. In only a few hours price moved from $6,120 to $6,330. When new Tether gets ‘printed’ it has always led to an uptrend in the charts of the most relevant cryptocurrencies. The Tether address to watch You can see that the ‘Tether-printing’ address just sent […]