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Philippines: Central Bank Approves 11 More Exchanges, Coinmarketcap’s First Company Aquisition & more

Philippines: Central Bank Approves 11 More Exchanges The central bank of the Philippines has approved 11 new exchanges to operate in the country. Currently, 37 exchanges operate from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). Cagayan is a province in the north of the country in which the government has created a zone in which innovative […]

Roundup – 06/02/19 – Phillippines Issue New Regulation for the Crypto Industry & more

Phillippines Issue New Regulation for the Crypto Industry The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority of the Philippines (CEZA) has issued new comprehensive regulations on cryptocurrencies. The regulation seeks to conciliate investor protection and investor interests with the goal to facilitate innovation and stimulate the economy. The CEZA’s approach is to obligate ICO issuers to collaborate with […]

New Crypto Regulations Announced By The Philippines Authorities

As a way of governing the crypto assets, the Philippines has introduced new regulations. They were announced by the government regulator referred to as Cagayan Economic Zone Authority – CEZA. The recently announced regulations covers one major area in the industry. it talks about the cryptocurrency acquisition including the security tokens and the utility. The […]

Philippines To Build Crypto Valley Of Asia

The Philippines government has officially announced plans to build Crypto Valley of Asia (CVA), a facility that resembles Switzerland’s canton of Zug. The government will partner with Northern Star to put up the Cryptocurrency and Fintech hub at the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport. Once complete, the facility will accommodate about 25 Crypto businesses. […]