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Ethereum Classic News – Technical Analysis

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • February 29, 2020
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Ethereum Classic News – reportedly taking back control of the market bears. At the start of the year, the altcoin had a solid run. Starting at $4, the lowest it had been since December last year, Ethereum Classic (ETC) went on an 8-week consecutive rally. This was the most substantial run of all time for […]

Ethereum Classic Could Hit Highs Of 74,000 Satoshis

Ethereum Classic –ETC is one of the fastest-growing crypto coins. At the moment, the price of this coin is definitely in the final wave of an Elliott formation. The price is expected to go as high as 73,000 satoshis. This will happen before initiating a correction. Ethereum Classic’s Long Term Outlook ETC’s long –term outlook […]

Roundup 14/01/2019 – 51% Attacker on ETC Networrk Returned $100,000 & more 51% Attacker Returned $100,000 in Ethereum Classic reported that the 51% attacker gave back its funds in Ethereum Classic that were stolen last week. The exchange reported that they tried to contact the attacker. But they have not received any answer as of now. In its press release, the exchange stated that the […]

Roundup – 08/01/2019 – Canaan Might File Its IPO in New York & more

Canaan Might File Its IPO in New York Canaan, one of the three largest crypto mining hardware producers, is reportedly considering to file its IPO at Wall Street. According to Bloomberg, the plan is still vague but the Hong Kong based company considers the step as the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) has not approved its IPO […]

Coinbase Remove Ethereum Classic after Attack

Coinbase is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world today. One of the highlights of this platform is the robust security features that ensure every trader benefits fully from their digital assets. The system is monitored round the clock by a team of experts who are highly trained and conversant with […]