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Fortnite Ethereum Pairing Has Become A Popular Combination in the Digital World

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • May 28, 2020
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Reddit has people talking since combining a popular online game with cryptocurrency in a Fortnite Ethereum rewards platform. And while cryptocurrency users are quite knowledgeable, it seems the gaming community is stepping up to be more involved. Reddit is a forum-based online social platform that is testing out 2 types of Community Points built on […]

Roundup – 26/04/2019 – Samsung Invests In French Wallet Company Ledger & more

Samsung Invests In French Wallet Company Ledger According to the French business magazine Capital, the Korean tech giant Samsung invested 2.6 million into Ledger. Consequentally, the valuation of Ledger reached above $260 million. Neither Eric Larchevêque, the founder of Ledger, nor Samsung’s management have commented the investment so far. Earlier this week, several crypto news […]

Gaming To Influence Cryptocurrency Growth In 2019

Game streaming is one of the larger global industries. Although it is often overlooked by policymakers or experts in the Cryptocurrency space, it generates over $130 billion per annum. It is important to note that gaming is ahead of its peers such as the global movie industry at $40.6 billion and music at $17.3 billion. […]

TedChain: A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem

What is TedChain? TedChain is a decentralized gaming ecosystem which aims to be like the Google Play Store for decentralized apps (DApps) for gaming. On the TedChain platform, gamers and game developers will be able to connect. This prevents gamers and game developers from having to use many different platforms to connect with one another. […]

“We are Not Acquiring Bitstamp”, Says Nexon Korea CEO

Rumors have been flying around that Nexon Korea, an established video game company is planning to acquire Bitstamp. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Lee Jung-hun, has come out strongly to deny the rumors. Plans to Merge Gaming Business and Cryptocurrency According to these speculations that were released to various media sources two days […]