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Upcoming Cryptocurrency Taxes – Watch Your Portfolio

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • July 9, 2020
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Where you reside will depend on the regulations of cryptocurrency taxes you could owe for investment revenue. Investors should ensure that they are following all government guidelines when it comes to reporting assets during the tax season. You do not want to face a government audit regarding your digital assets. The IRS in the United […]

New IRS Form Confirms The Agency Still Curious Concerning The Crypto Coins

Cryptocurrency holders all over the United States are way much aware of the objectives of the IRS. Just some few days ago, the tax agency sent out some new forms to its recipients. In this latest form, the agency is attempting to dig deeper into the crypto past of those who are in the market. […]

A BTC/USD Retracement Is Set For The Week & More

  • By Daniel Shaw
  • August 30, 2019
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A BTC/USD Retracement Is Set For The Week On Monday, Bitcoin started the week in a bullish momentum with charts surging to $10, 650 in the intra-day trading session. However, a pullback followed soon and the price retraced to lows of $10,200 before the price consolidated above it. However, various indicators show that a further […]

IRS Sends Crypto Tax Compliance Notices To Crypto Traders

Gone are the days where U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) steered clear of demanding tax remittance from Cryptocurrency hodlers and traders. In its latest set of actions, the IRS has sent out compliance notices to Digital Token traders. The letters target investors with questionable tax remittance history. The basis that the agency has used in […]

Kraken Sells Shares to Small Investors, Russia-Venezuela Trades in Petro? & more

Kraken Started Small-Investor Funding Round Kraken has started a funding round that allows small investors to buy shares of the company. The minimum investment amount lies at $1000. Kraken’s partner in the share offering is Bnk to the Future. The exchange already started a funding round for bigger investors in Q4 2018. The minimum investment […]