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Tag Archives: manipulation Corrects Mistakes & Wrong Information in the Crypto Space

We are introducing a new category to It will be called: The Correction. Under that name, my colleagues and I will publish corrections and clarifications in the crypto space. It will concern simple mistakes, missing information but possibly also plain lies or manipulated information. It will clarify information that we published here on […]

Tether Invested Funds in Bitcoin – Could Bitcoin Crash?

The Block reported yesterday about Tether admitting to allegations that users made for several years now. The Block cites David Miller, the attorney for Bitfinex, from a transcript that the news outlet received. In it David Miller says: “Prior to the April 24th order … Tether actually did invest in instruments beyond cash and cash […]

Bitcoin moves up – Crypto Markets again Tethered?

Tether just brought $250MM USD worth of Tether into circulation. In only a few hours price moved from $6,120 to $6,330. When new Tether gets ‘printed’ it has always led to an uptrend in the charts of the most relevant cryptocurrencies. The Tether address to watch You can see that the ‘Tether-printing’ address just sent […]