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Can You Be Taxed On A Cryptocurrency Loan?

  • By Mateo Brooks
  • July 28, 2020
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Thanks to DeFi platforms and Stablecoins, more people are lending and borrowing using some form of cryptocurrency. Blockchain platforms like Chainlink that uses smart contracts have helped with cryptocurrency loans. But can you be taxed on a cryptocurrency loan? That depends. Fiat Currency Loans And Cryptocurrency Loans When you borrow or lend in fiat currency, […]

Upcoming Cryptocurrency Taxes – Watch Your Portfolio

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • July 9, 2020
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Where you reside will depend on the regulations of cryptocurrency taxes you could owe for investment revenue. Investors should ensure that they are following all government guidelines when it comes to reporting assets during the tax season. You do not want to face a government audit regarding your digital assets. The IRS in the United […]

Tax Authority In Portugal Exempts Crypto Trading From VAT

For Portugal-based Crypto traders, buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies is set to be profitable following VAT and Capital Gains Tax exemption on transactions. The Portuguese Tax & Customs Authority (PTA) decision is a rare occurrence given that the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is strict on Tax compliance from Digital Assets Traders. Recently, the IRA […]

2018 Big Lessons For Crypto Taxation

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • January 25, 2019
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2018 was a year to forget. It’s the toughest year for cryptocurrencies yet. All the regulations and negative news concerning the digital currencies did no help. On the contrary, it pedalled the diving prices and let to the total market capitalization falling from over $800 billion to $100 billion in 12 months. This has led […]

Eddie Hughes, A UK MP Is Proposing Tax Remittance In BTC

A British Member of Parliament in Westminster, Eddie Hughes, has broken the ice into what might become the next biggest discussion in many parliaments across the world. The MP is proposing that tax payments be made in Bitcoin. The MP who is a member of the Conservative Party of the UK sees Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain […]

Bitcoin Investors To Be Given A Tax Cut In France

Based on a recent report published on a French news site, Assemblée Nationale, which is the lower house of parliament in France is committed to introducing a tax cut for Bitcoin investors. It has backed an earlier proposal from its finance commission that would bring the taxes associated with Bitcoin gains in line with taxes […]

Crypto Firms To Start Paying Tax In South Korea

The South Korean government has introduced a new tax amendment bill that will see Crypto companies based in the country start to pay taxes. Currently, the businesses enjoy income and corporate tax deductions. The government had introduced the deductions with the aim of attracting more firms in the country and helping the companies grow. However, […]