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The Performance Of Cryptocurrencies In The First Half Of 2018

So much has happened in the Crypto market since the beginning of this year. In the last six months, some Cryptocurrencies have gained while others have lost their value. However, this year’s performance is incomparable to the 2017 bull run. Let’s now look at some of the best Crypto markets and those that have made the worst losses in the first half of this year. This year’s gains and losses will be calculated from January 7 to July 25, 2018.

The Performance Of Cryptocurrencies In The First Half Of 2018

Most Of The Best Performing Coins In The First Week Of January Had Hard Times

On January 7, 2018, most Cryptocurrencies were trading at very high prices, slightly less than those recorded in December when most of them touched their all-highs. Bitcoin core (BTC) was trading at USD 17,131, Ripple (XRP) at USD 3.19, ethereum (ETH) at USD 1,097, bitcoin cash (BCH) at USD 2,881), and Cardano (ADA) at USD 1.01. The other coins included litecoin, NEM, stellar, Tron, and IOTA, which traded at $300, $1.67, $0.70, $0.17, and $4.00 respectively.

More than a half a year later, the top ten performers in January have significantly lost their value. Tron and NEM are no longer in the top ten list as they have been replaced by EOS, and tether (USDT). BTC has lost 51.87 percent, ETH 57.06 percent, XRP 85.89 percent, and BCH 71.22 percent. Cardano, litecoin, stellar, and IOTA have also lost 84.15 percent, 71.33 percent, 57.14 percent, and 75.75 percent respectively.

The Best And Worst Performing Coins In 2018

The Best And Worst Performing Coins In 2018

Although most Cryptocurrencies, especially those traded at high prices at the end of 2017 have lost their value, there are others that have recorded significant gains. PACcoin ($PAC), for instance, has gained 1,481.33 percent this year. The “third generation Cryptocurrency” now trades at less than half a penny. Hexx (HXX) is another coin that saw an increase of 1,268.32 percent in its value. Mithril (MITH), Casinocoin (CSC), and Ontology (ONT) saw an increase of 922.52 percent, 132.63 percent, and 109.14 percent in their value respectively.

Most of the worst performing Cryptocurrencies in the last seven months have lost almost all their values. Bitconnect, for instance, has lost its value by about 99.88 percent while Rise has lost by 97.01 percent. OP Coin and Mybit Token have lost 98.23 percent and 99.59 percent respectively. Bitcoin gold (BTG) has also lost 89.38 percent since the beginning of this year.

What Will Happen In The Second Half Of 2018?

It is clear that most Cryptocurrencies have lost their value since the beginning of this year. Those that have recorded gains are just a drop in the ocean, bearing in mind there over 1,600 virtual currencies. However, most coins have recorded gains in the last few weeks. The recent changes in the top ten Cryptocurrencies may be an indicator that the bearish market is ending.

Despite that fact that a few and unknown coins have recorded significant gains so far this year, most of the people will concentrate on the top Cryptocurrencies. Many are optimistic that the remaining part of this year will see most of these currencies regain their value from the huge losses recorded this year.

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